Working on working theories

Recently, I have presented on working theories in Christchurch and Wellington. I have been fortunate to have Daniel Lovatt with me on both occasions, and Niky Veele also in Christchurch. As teacher-researchers, Daniel and Niky also facilitated workshops for teachers about noticing, recognising, responding to, recording and revisiting working theories. In Christchurch I facilitated one on “theories” – as I said there it’s not often an academic gets asked to talk about theory so it was easy to say yes! I used many of the ideas that have been overviewed in this blog.

Thank you to Raewyn Penman and KidsFirst Kindergartens for hosting us in Christchurch and enabling us to share our work with teachers from all over the South Island. Thank you to Judith Loveridge and the Victoria University autumn seminar series team for the opportunity to meet and share with teachers from the greater Wellington area. As we have commented in both places, each time we present and/or write it helps to clarify our thinking a little further. Perhaps some of those teachers may now join in as readers of this blog, continue their discussion and thinking about working theories with their colleagues and inspire their work with children and families further.

I am attaching the edited powerpoint (no videos or photos) from the Wellington keynote to this blog. It will be a bringing together of many ideas already discussed in previous posts.

Hedges & Lovatt keynote presentation notes.


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